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    Take a FREE Online Course


    Course Descriptions:

    Avoid Falling for a Jerk or Jerkette is a program for singles of all ages. Participants will learn the steps to building a high quality, long-lasting relationship. Topics include:

    • How to pace a relationship
    • Identifying difficult partners
    • Understanding how patterns/beliefs from your background impact a relationship
    • Keys to effective personal change and growth
    • Ingredients for a lasting relationship moving forward
    Follow your heart without losing your mind! This research-based program was developed by Dr. John Van Epp. Learn more about his research on How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk or Jerkette here.

    Couple LINKS is an educational program designed for couples in committed/married relationships.  This program will help partners understand one another’s differences, enhance communication skills, increase trust and dependability, and develop a deeper commitment. Topics include:

    • Intimacy and romantic love
    • Developing and maintaining trust
    • Forgiveness
    • Resiliency and commitment
    This research-based program was developed by Dr. John Van Epp. Learn more about his research on Couple LINKS here.

    Love and Logic is a well-known parenting program that teaches parents usable skills to raise responsible children and have more fun in their parenting role. Topics include:

    • Teaching responsibility
    • Ending power struggles
    • Setting limits
    • Preventing arguments
    • Problem solving
    • Completing chores without conflict

    Through ready to use take-home-skills, this course will enhance your relationship with your child, reduce the strain in your family life, and help you enjoy parenting!

    Love and Logic® is a registered trademark of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.
    Stepfamilies can be successful! This 6-week free course meets once a week for two hours and is for dating, cohabitating, or remarried couples who have a child or children from a previous relationship. The whole family can come and learn how to answer questions like:
    • How do I successfully parent stepchildren?
    • Is it possible to build a thriving stepfamily?
    • What are healthy expectations for my family?
    • How do we parent across two households?
    Each time you meet, the family will eat together before the adults and youth (ages 6+) separate for class. Children will learn about topics such as managing life changes, handling emotion, communication, and navigating conflict. As part of the program, on-site childcare is provided for children under the age of 5. This program was developed by Dr. Francesca Adler-Baeder. You can learn more about Dr. Adler-Baeder's work by visiting www.stepfamilies.info.

    Parenting: Our Home Runs

    The FREE Our Home Runs course focuses on family bonding and is built around a baseball theme in which parents are compared with coaches and the kids are compared to players. The Our Home Runs program applies the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) to family relationships to strengthen:

    • Family Communication
    • Respect
    • Family Resilience
    • Affection & affirmation
    • And more!

    The Our Home Runs course teaches a practical format for using the RAM for family meetings. This program is suitable for two-parent, single-parent, and co-parent families.