Home Run Dads

    Home Run Dads

    Home Run Dads

    Want to knock it out of the park with your kids? The Home Run Dads course teaches relationship, parenting, and job readiness skills around a baseball theme, where fathers are the coaches, and kids are the players!

    This program is suitable for fathers or father-figures within two-parent, single-parent, or co-parent family structures.


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    When asked what they liked most about this
    course past participants have said:

    "GREAT MATERIAL! Especially the Nine-Minute-Miracle. It does make a positive difference. I'm very grateful I took the time to come and learn with the facilitator and these great dads. Time well spent" - Ryan, father of 4

    "Great class! I went in very skeptical, I thought I was doing great as a dad. I found some ways to improve the relationships with my kids. There is lots of information that can help dads across the board." -
    Josh, father of 3

    "Thanks to the facilitator for letting me participate because this class helped me to get even closer to my kids and do the things that I wish I could have done with my dad. I would recommend this class to all the good and bad fathers. You don't have to be bad to take the class. Good fathers need to take it too. It will help you. It helped me. Thank you very much for the opportunity." -
    Mauricio, father of 3

    "The topics discussed were exactly what I needed; loved the stories and experiences given."
    "The instructor was excellent; she helped me clearly understand the concept; the importance of it and she used excellent examples of real life scenarios that were funny, interesting and easy to understand."

    To learn more about this course from Dr. John Van Epp go to: www.lovethinks.com

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