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    Four Ways to Help Your Kids Unplug

    Four Ways to Help Your Kids Unplug

    An estimated 75% of teenagers own a cell phone, and, not surprisingly, social media sites are their favorite places to visit. In fact, one study showed that 22% of teenagers log onto their favorite social media sites more than 10 times a day...

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    Assertive Statements

    Become a Better Partner by Using Assertive Statements

    It can be hard to approach your partner when there is conflict in a relationship or marriage. Oftentimes, humans err in three ways when there is something difficult to discuss: 1) We become too aggressive...

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    Win Your relationship

    How to Keep Relationships Strong

    Behaviors such as criticism, contempt and stonewalling can cause relationships to deteriorate quickly. Watch as Naomi Brower, USU Extension's relationship expert, discusses the effects of these behaviors and what to replace them with.

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